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Stamping Ground was named for noise – the stamping of thousands of hooves of impatient buffalo waiting to drink from Buffalo Spring. This bowl-shaped basin set amidst rich farmland is one of Kentucky's three major "Stamping Grounds" sitting at the junction of trails used by migrating herds.

In 1775, trailblazers Will McConnell and Charles LeCompte discovered Buffalo Spring and called it Buffalo Stamping Ground . It is located on an ancient migratory path the Native Americans called alant-i-wamiowee, or buffalo path – a wide swath of land cut into the forest that has left a permanent imprint at the spring. Also used by the Mount Builders and, later, pioneer settlers, it is likely the roadbed that forms the way toward Georgetown.

Stamping Ground

Where The Buffalo Roamed

Stamping Ground

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Stamping Ground

Rumpke is excited to serve you again!

On April 26, Rumpke purchased certain waste collection assets of Wellman Waste Services. Wellman transitioned its customers to Rumpke, and the Rumpke team started servicing on April 29. Several Wellman team members joined Rumpke and are helping to make this a seamless transition so you continue to receive a high level of service.

Stamping Ground

50th anniversary of the 1974 Tornado that hit Stamping Ground

April 3rd 2024 marks 50 years since the most violent tornado outbreak ever recorded, with 30 F4F5 confirmed tornadoes. Some experts say it's the greatest tornado outbreak in U.S. history


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